Sugoi Mail is a mailing list manager, with a difference!

Sure, you can use it just to run your normal mailing lists. Indeed, it does that very well! You can have thousands of mailing lists at your site with sugoi-mail.

But it's much more than that. It takes the concept of the mailing list, and stretches it in every direction it can think of. Personal distribution lists? Why, that's just another kind of mailing list. Closed announcement lists? Sure thing. Personal mail forwarding addresses like those on (remember those guys)? Absolutely.

And built using the combined forces of Ruby on Rails and Gurgitate-Mail, you can combine the two in ways never thought of before. Want to build a simple webmail system? Sure! Want to integrate mail-forwarding as an extra for users of your bulletin board system? Don't want to do that stuff yourself? Just call us and we'll be glad to help you out.

Sugoi Mail: Building mailing lists out of webs and toffee.

And finally, because my boss told me to put this here and he is, after all, kind enough to pay me good money to work on this: Sugoi-Mail is an open source project proudly sponsored by Invio, the makers of the Ichinichi Ichimon line of educational software.

Sponsored by Invio Corporation